Our mother was a warrior.

She was outrageous and very funny.

There were times as her daughter I had to ask her, “Are you serious?”

As a wild and vibrant being, she influenced almost every individual in our family and extended family.

Never taking no for an answer, as you can well imagine, she didn’t just rock the boats but she could also rock cruise ships, submarines and oil rigs.

As a young girl we just couldn’t see eye to eye.

She would embarrass me to the moon and back.

I just couldn’t understand her.

However, when she made her pepper sauce and put it in the centre of the table, the energy changed.

I asked her why I believed that to be so and she replied.

“It’s because the sauce is my sunshine!”

It reminded her of home when she arrived from West Africa almost 50 years ago.

Sadly our mother passed away a few years ago.

One sun drenched day, sitting with my sister and a sister from another mother, the 3 of us started reminiscing about our mother and her intriguing thoughts and her sauce.

That day the sauce was reborn and here we are today.

We added 1 more ingredient to it, that gave it a new kick...US!

As we sit and enjoy the sauce and make it for the world to feel the sunshine, we realised that our mother had created herself in a jar.

Although she is not physically here with us now, she lives on through her pepper sauce.

We want to honour the awesomeness she was

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